Strategy (or lack thereof) revealed

Rabbi Michael Lerner of the Network of Spiritual Progressives recently released a transcript of a private conference call with members of Congress and leaders of the anti-war movement.  Lerner says he posted the transcript to show leaders in the peace movement that they need “some fundamentally new thinking.”  […]

Anti-War Democrats Fight Back

I reported to you last week that despite the overwhelming public support for a timeline and the facts on the ground in Iraq, the congressional leadership has been taking a more conciliatory tone.  Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid has been softening on his demands for a concrete timeline […]

Billions and Billions

Around the Peace Action West office, we know one place to go for insightful commentary on US foreign policy is The Daily Show with Jon Stewart.  Check out this video where Jon Stewart lays out the foreign policy disasters that have come from the US government’s shortsighted use […]