Category: Stupid Things People Say

Passing the Treaty: OpEds and Widgets

National security experts have been taking to the nation’s newspapers to convince recalcitrant Republicans to get on board with the New START Treaty.  In an effort to turn up the heat on Senators John McCain and Jon Kyl, we helped place this OpEd in the Arizona Republic, the […]

Clinton’s “Obliterate” Iran Comment: Worldwide Attention, Other Candidates and US Media Quiet

The presidential campaign coverage has reached a new low with television outlets morphing into YouTube echo-chambers and offering wall to wall coverage of Rev. Wright’s skills doing accents and impressions, Senator Clinton’s skills with convenience store coffee machines, and Senator Obama’s skills on the basketball court. Meanwhile, Senator […]

Service, Disney style: your tax dollars at work

The Bush administration, constantly implying that proponents of the war in Iraq have a monopoly on “supporting the troops,” faced intense criticism last year when the public learned about poor conditions at Walter Reed Medical Center. Their solution? Spending $800,000 in taxpayer money to have the Disney Institute […]