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Vice President Biden’s Nuclear Weapons Speech

Vice President Biden gave a major policy speech today on nuclear weapons (full text here), discussing the administration’s nuclear weapons agenda, their funding request for nuclear weapons, and key steps towards a nuclear weapons free world, like ratification of the New START agreement and the Comprehensive Test Ban […]

McCain calls for a nuclear weapons free world

It’s not the first time Senator John McCain has endorsed a nuclear weapons free world, but his floor speech today is still significant. The bipartisan consensus that a nuclear weapons free world is necessary is strong and growing. While McCain didn’t come out in favor of all the […]

Obama and McCain on Iraq

As Sen. Obama has been busy making major pronouncements about Iraq, Sen. McCain has not been one to be outdone. You may have read Sen. Obama’s New York Times op-ed, and as you also probably know Senator Obama gave a "major speech" in D.C. putting Iraq in a […]

Obama and McCain on nuclear weapons

It is encouraging to see that the presidential candidates have both correctly determined that our nuclear weapons policy deserves significant attention. Both candidates have spent time articulating a vision of what our nuclear weapons policy would look like, and while there are concerns from both candidates, we can […]