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Congress Approaches Stalemate on War Authorization

As Congress begins to debate a war authorization, it’s become obvious that the debate has become a Goldilocks story without the “just right” part. Republicans think the President’s approach to an Authorization for Use of Military Force (AUMF) is too restrictive and Democrats think it’s too open-ended and […]

Urgent: don’t bomb Iraq

John McCain is shaking his fist angrily and calling for military action. Lindsey Graham is invoking terrorist attacks and describing American air power as “the only option.” The president is huddled with his advisers considering military options for Iraq. Did we just travel in a time machine to 2003? […]

The lasting effects of war

This American Life just produced a fascinating, frustrating and heartbreaking episode that shows how the effects of war reverberate for years beyond when the troops come home. The episode features the incredible story of Kirk Johnson, a former USAID employee in Iraq, who stumbled into a project of trying […]