Category: Election 2010

What’s next

Even though I knew it was going to be a tough election, it’s still disappointing to face the reality of losing some wonderful allies and seeing opponents of our pro-peace agenda headed to Congress. As we work through these feelings of frustration, it is important to remember that you […]

3 things you can do in this election

Next year, will Congress push President Obama to set a timeline to end the war in Afghanistan, or will they call him soft on terror and demand endless war? Will they support ridding the world of nuclear weapons, or will they obstruct progress while ranting about missile defense […]

One week left. Bill Hedrick needs your help.

This is it. In one week, voters in California’s 44th district will decide between corrupt Republican incumbent Ken Calvert and progressive champion Bill Hedrick. This race is critical for moving our progressive agenda. So Peace Action West and Progressive Democrats of America are teaming up to pull out […]

Can Sarah Palin defeat Raul Grijalva?

Raul Grijalva has fought for us in Congress as a reliable progressive voice. Will we fight for him? Raul is in for a major fight as he faces attacks from the tea party extremists who back his Sarah Palin-endorsed opponent.  Click here to donate to Raul Grijalva’s campaign. […]

Send Dave Reichert packing

In a tough election year for Democrats, Suzan DelBene is going on the offensive. Republican Dave Reichert has managed to cling to a district where President Obama won by 14 points, but Suzan DelBene is closing in and ready to finally send him packing. Click here to help […]