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Peace as an agent of change

Today, in spite of — or perhaps because of — the Libyan regime’s brutal attempts to crack down on protesters, Gaddafi continues to lose territory to his opposition. This has been in large part because members of his own police and military are switching loyalties and refusing to […]

Stop Arming the Crackdown

As pro-democracy protests continue to spread throughout the Mid-East, we’re getting alarming reports of governments brutally cracking down on protesters. In Bahrain, where the US Navy’s Fifth Fleet is based, government forces attacked an encampment of thousands of protesters while they slept. There are similar stories coming out […]

Who we arm: Crackdown in Bahrain

Inspired by the largely peaceful overthrow of Mubarak in Egypt, protests have spread from one autocratic regime to the next throughout the Middle East and North Africa. This week the Bahrain government has launched a brutal and deadly assault, culminating in an overnight attack on unarmed protesters, many […]

Senators on military aid to Egypt

The Wall Street Journal has some very early responses to Mubarak’s departure from US Senators. One thing that jumps out in particular: The next steps in Egypt will be closely watched by U.S. lawmakers, who each year provide about $1.3 billion in aid to Egypt and see the […]

Amazing. Mubarak steps down.

This is incredible. At around 6:15PM in Cairo, (this morning for us) Hosni Mubarak ended his 30 year reign as President of Egypt. Honestly, it’s incredible to be able to watch this unfold live via Al Jazeera English’s YouTube channel. If you can, I recommend checking it out. […]