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12 more years?

Will our troops in Afghanistan see their children serve there 23 years after the war began? Last week, President Obama announced an agreement with the Afghan government that could mean thousands of troops on the ground until 2024. Congress must tell the president that twelve more years is […]

Now you know the score

It’s an election year. That means it’s prime accountability time. And this email has everything you need to let your representatives in DC know you’ve been watching them like hawks. I’m excited to bring you Peace Action West’s report on the 2011 Congress in a new interactive format. […]

Rebecca Griffin with Rep. Pete Stark

Report from DC: the pulse on peace issues

Last week, Katie and I spent the week in Washington, DC, bringing Peace Action West’s priorities to Capitol Hill and connecting with other organizations from around the country that are doing wonderful work to rid the world of nuclear weapons. Here’s a quick update on the top issues […]